MeterBoost: 840 kWh Installation Completed!

We proudly completed the largest lithium battery installation in Portugal at Dietimport, achieving a total capacity of 840 kWh!

Since we installed MeterBoost lithium batteries, our company's energy efficiency has significantly improved, and we have managed to reduce operational costs remarkably. We are extremely satisfied with the quality and performance of the batteries. Highly recommend MeterBoost!


Product Manager | Movicontrol

Renewed Energy at Movicontrol: MeterBoost Batteries Cut Costs and Boost Energy Efficiency!

Movicontrol celebrates a new era of efficiency and savings with MeterBoost's innovative batteries. Customer satisfaction is evident as costs are significantly reduced while energy efficiency is maximized, promoting sustainability and reliability for the future.

MeterBoost Innovates with 117 kWh Photovoltaic Installation for Peak Shaving!

MeterBoost steps into the future with a cutting-edge photovoltaic installation, providing 117 kWh for Peak Shaving optimization. With this innovation, the factory enhances energy efficiency, reduces costs, and reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology in the solar energy sector.